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The top five 
reasons to go
independent today.


It probably comes as no surprise that more money is a driving factor for why salon stylists eventually venture off to start their own business. 

ManeSpace Members report that, on average, they've experienced an increase between
30-50% more revenue as an independent stylist versus when they were giving away 50-65% commission to a salon owner. Remember: you're the money-maker. Not the salon.

What may end up surprising you is the fact that money was far from the most important aspect of going independent! Continue scrolling to find out what's really driving artists to take control of their career.

more money
in your pocket



the timing will never be perfect


Take it from us... if you're waiting for the"perfect" time to present itself to go independent, you'll be waiting your whole career. Simply put, no stylist feels truly "ready" to take the leap to independence, they just do it! And when they do, they never look back.

A whopping 95% of ManeSpace Members had never rented before and came from traditional salons. It wasn't that the perfect time had presented itself for these stylists, but that they finally decided that they deserved to be happy and in-control.

Waiting around for your happiness is risky business. We definitely wouldn't recommend it!


One of the top reasons we hear why so many stylists stall on making moves to go independent is because they're so nervous their clientele won't follow them wherever they may land.

Here's a reality check: your customers aren't seeing you because of the salon you're working in. You're the one building the human connections along the way and it'll pay in dividends when you make the leap to do your own thing!

Every ManeSpace Member agrees that their fears about their clients following them were unfounded.
You're the brand they love and when you finally tell them you're starting your own business, they will go out of their way to support you in any way they can. 

your clients will support you more



build your brand,
not someone else's


When the time comes for retirement, will you be satisfied knowing that you worked your entire career building up someone else's business? Or do you think you'll be more satisfied with your life's work if you built something of your own making?

Obviously, there's a lot of fear and second-guessing when it comes to making a decision to become a full-fledged business owner, but
the fact of the matter is that there will never be a more rewarding path to take your career.

We're living through the Golden Age of social media and entrepreneurism! A new wave of savvy clients are searching these platforms for professionals (like you!) who've cultivated a following through their craft. Lean into what you've got to offer!


In a recent survey, the majority of ManeSpace Members agreed that the most important aspect of being independent is the freedom that it provides.

There's nothing quite like calling the shots, working (and vacationing) when & how you want to, and getting to design the life you want to live. Ask any stylist who took the leap to go on their own and we're sure they'll tell you it's the best decision they ever made.

When you have the freedom of independence, your life opens itself up to more opportunity and happiness. The happier you are, the better your work will be and the happier your clients will be.

At this point, its a no-brainer!

it's all about the freedom



The ManeSpace Advantage

Finding a place to grow your business from is half the battle.
It needs to be gorgeous. It needs to be affordable. 
It needs support staff. It needs amenities & perks. 
But above all, it needs the flexibility that you require to jump-start your new journey.

ManeSpace has it all and we're ready to take the journey with you.

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rental salon studio
rental salon studio
rental salon studio
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