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5 reasons why salon coworking is the future. 

Just 10 years ago, if you were (or wanted to go) independent as a hair stylist, your options were slim and, frankly, unappealing. Today, independent stylists have a lot more options to sift through when finding a spot to run their business from. 

So what is really the most ideal option out there for someone like you?
Renting a chair from a traditional salon? (An atmosphere you were dying to leave?)
Getting locked into a year-long lease for your own commercial space? (Yikes!)
Seeing clients from your apartment or theirs? (We don't know which is worse!)

If we're honest, all of these options suck, especially for someone like you who requires
a beautiful space at an affordable price with all of the flexibility your schedule needs and none of the crazy commitments.

Here's why salon coworking is the future of doing business as an independent stylist:


Let's be real: no one is working 7 days a week, all day long (and if you are, we're praying for you). So, signing a year-long lease for a commercial space or a salon suite can be one of the biggest monetary mistakes independent stylists make when choosing a home for their business. It's a waste of money and has the potential to eat away at your precious time as you search for other stylists to sublet your space on the days/times you're not using it.

At ManeSpace, our Members only pay for a studio or chair when they need it! Just looking to book a studio for an hour? No problem! Need a chair for the full day? We've got you. The variety of flexible booking options available to Members makes running your business (and saving money along the way) the easiest it's ever been.

And the cherry on top? No monthly membership fees, long-term contracts, or minimum booking quotas! 

pay for a studio only when you need it


5th floor lounge__edited.jpg

attentive, on-site management 


Things can get a little, um... hairy sometimes in the day-to-day of running your business. In most traditional rental models, if something goes wrong, the responsibility is almost always on you to fix the problem. Who has the time to deal with a clogged sink while you're double-booked? Do you actually want to spend your valuable time (and money) doing laundry and folding capes and towels? Are you going to stop what you're doing to greet your next client walking in the door when you're not even done with the one in your chair? Yeah, we didn't think so.

ManeSpace Members get the support they need in the areas that matter the most so you can concentrate on doing what you do best. Our dedicated and attentive Community Hosts are on-site 7 days a week to greet your clients and ensure a smooth-flowing day, everyday.


One of the many downsides to committing to a salon suite or other commercial lease agreement is that you essentially get an empty white space in exchange for all of the rent you're paying. You'll either have to have the skills of an interior decorator (and the budget to pull it off) or hire a professional to do it for you (again... that pesky budget!).

Sure, we suppose you could always "wow" your clients with the same old drab salon experience with a chair rental at a traditional salon... 😐 

Or you could really WOW them like our Members' clients are every time they walk through the door at ManeSpace. All of our studios and spaces come pre-decorated and ready for you to plug-in and go.

spaces ready to plug-and-play


IMG_0779 2.JPG

The one aspect that independent stylists tend to miss the most about working in a traditional salon is the community that artists inevitably build with each other. Salon suites are lonely silos, cut off from the rest of the premises, for better or for worse. Renting a chair from a traditional salon can also bring with it an uncomfortable and competitive atmosphere when cultures clash between independent and commission-based stylists.

Members agree that they're grateful for the unique community-driven energy that ManeSpace fosters.
Every stylist here is like-minded and focused on growing their own business and the opportunities for networking, education, and collaboration are endless. 

collaborate with the community



Unlike the vast majority of rental options on the market today, ManeSpace was built by a hairstylist who knows (better than most) that flexibility is the key to jump-starting and growing your business. That's why our company was built from the ground-up with all of your pain points in mind.

Are you a salon stylist who sees your clients the same days of the week, every week? Or are you a freelance colorist who works gigs and sees your clients in-between jobs? At ManeSpace, you can book by the hour, day or weekly; whatever suits the current stage of your business.

At this point, what's holding you back from saving money and achieving real freedom?




The ManeSpace Advantage

Finding a place to grow your business from is half the battle.
It needs to be gorgeous. It needs to be affordable. 
It needs support staff. It needs amenities & perks. 
But above all, it needs the flexibility that you require to build your business.

ManeSpace has it all and we're ready to welcome you with open arms.

rental salon studio
rental salon studio
rental salon studio
rental salon studio
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