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Our Ambassadors are die-hard ManeSpace fans. They fully believe in our mission and are living, breathing examples of the kind of hustlers our community attracts.

These senior members are here for you as a fellow stylist and sounding board if you need advice about whether ManeSpace is the right place for you!


Freelance Barber

Member since 2016

Mari de Monte is a seasoned men's hairstylists whose point of view intersects at art, music, and grooming. She's been cutting hair for over 10 years, working for some of the world's premier men's salons, including Martial Vivot Salon Pour Hommes and Fleischman, where she honed her skilled handwork. In 2017, Mari took the leap to venture out on her own and start her business at ManeSpace to service her devoted clientele that ranges from businessmen to musicians. With a keen focus on accessible luxury, Mari offers a highly personalized experience where her clients' lifestyles are taken into consideration.

Looking to rock it out like Mari? She's here to offer advice on how you can get started.




Member since 2017

Meaghan's career in hair started behind the scenes with Redken and Pureology on 5th Avenue in NYC, where she held education roles that allowed her to travel throughout the country to teach salon professionals about the art and science of haircolor. 


After a decade behind the chair, in conjunction with her fashion and education work, Meaghan discovered it was her client relationships that fueled her passion the most. So, when her husband's job moved her to Denver, ManeSpace gave her the opportunity to launch her own traveling stylist business, ManeWellness, where she now serves both New York City and Denver.

Want to learn more about running a bicoastal business? Meaghan's here if you need some advice.


Salon Stylist

Member since 2018


Sarah graduated in 2002 from the Vidal Sassoon Academy for Hair and Cosmetology in Santa Monica, CA. After a brief stint in Beverly Hills, she moved back to the East Coast to study and eventually work for notable industry haircare brand Bumble & Bumble for 12 years where she had the opportunity to travel the globe and educate fellow stylists. Since then, Sarah went on to become the Director of Education at ION Studios in Soho and Michael Angelo's Wonderland in Chelsea before taking the leap to owning her own business.

Feel a connection to Sarah's story and want some guidance on how you can break out on your own? She's here to help!


Salon Stylist

Member since 2018


SaraJane Lynch, a native of Orange County, began her career in 1996 at Vidal Salon in Santa Monica. She moved to New York City in 2004 and immediately became involved at the Bumble & Bumble salon. There, she discovered the facets of her passion in self care, hair, and the art of styling. After spending time in a few educational development roles with notable industry salons, SaraJane's journey continued to the Whittemore House in 2012 where she developed her business sense and knew she had what it took to break free on her own.

Today, SaraJane is a veteran ManeSpace Member and continues to grow her personal brand. Need some advice from a pro who's already been through the process of starting her own company? SaraJane is happy to help!

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