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Become a member

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Book space hourly or daily whenever you need it

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Unforgettable vibes

All private and uniquely their own, our meticulously designed studios offer an unforgettable experience that allows you to walk in and get right to doing what you do best!  

10th floor

$180 Day

$35 Hour

5th floor

$195 Day

$40 Hour


Designed with collaboration in mind, our Flex chairs provide ample room for stylists who enjoy working together or just want an affordable option in a stunning space. Each chair comes with it's own sink!

5th floor

$170 Day

$30 Hour




11 hour workday

10am - 9pm

7 days a week

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Towel & capes included 

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Laundry and replenishment

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Hot/cold coffee, tea, water

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Halo and hood dryers

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Cutting stools

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Reserve up to 6 mth. in advance

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Book using our ManeSpace App

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40% off retail & backbar

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Full time on-site staff

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20% commission on retail sales

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Long term storage available

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48 hours to cancel

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Great music (yes, it's true)

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Ample storage

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Fantastic Air Conditioning


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Book, unlock and manage your rentals all from our ManeSpace App

I spent quite a long while researching studios to bring my clients to and nothing comes CLOSE to Manespace. Superb ambiance, beautiful decor, great management, good vibes always! Such a funky, chic environment. Love!



Try a day!

Come in for a tour and we'll give you a try-out day on us.

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