for safety.

We are extremely serious about safety at ManeSpace.

We are taking proactive measures to ensure the wellbeing of our staff, members and their clients. 

The below House Rules are for all who enter ManeSpace.


These precautions are of utmost importance due to the unique nature of our industry. We expect everyone to abide by these rules for the entire duration of their stay with us. We thank you in advanced for your cooperation.


We're all in this together!

ManeSpace Measures

  • Mandated mask-wearing by everyone while inside ManeSpace.

  • Regular temperature checks of all guests, employees and members.

  • mandating Health Statements and Liability Waivers are signed by all clients before their services begin.

  • Sanitizing all touchable surfaces every hour, on the hour​​.

  • Sending anyone home who develops a temperature above 99 degrees.​​

  • Hand sanitizer available in all common areas, including in every studio.

  • Replacing glassware with disposable paper products.

  • Changing out stylists' barbicide every day.

  • Replacing open-container complimentary beverages with single-serve, closed beverages.



  • Wearing masks at all times while inside ManeSpace.

  • Administering temperature checks to clients before service.

  • Having clients sign Statement of Health and Liability Waiver before service.

  • Using fresh capes on every client.

  • No double-bookings to limit number of guests.


  • Adding buffers between clients to sanitize studio spaces.

  • Sanitizing tools in between every client.

  • Washing hands as often as possible, especially between client appointments​​​​.

  • Relying on touchless payments.

  • Signing updated membership agreements that include COVID guidelines.



  • Masks must be worn inside ManeSpace at all times and they should fit appropriately, snuggly fit around mouth and nose.

  • Must sign a Health Statement and Liability Waiver before services.

  • Submitting to temperature checks by stylists before services begin and agreeing to go home if a fever is read​.

  • Washing hands immediately upon entering ManeSpace​.

  • Canceling appointments if not feeling well.

  • Paying using cashless/touchless options.

  • Coming to appointments alone without guests or children. If physical assistance is required, the attendee will be asked to wait outside of ManeSpace until the service is complete.

  • Our lounges are closed, so please come at the time your stylist is ready for you.​